Limbo was developed for Seville's LGBTI Pride celebration in 2020.

Limbo is a six-piece cycle covering the full spectrum of the living arts, intended for performance in unique spaces. Artists representing diverse points of origin, but all belonging to the LGBTIQ community, presented their work in the refectory of the cultural centre at Seville's Convent of Santa Clara. The cycle was conceived as a meeting point where dialogue and mutual learning would take place with each successive piece, generating a space for reflection that could be carried outside the refectory and shared with the whole of society. Each piece was designed to reach either the live audience present at the cycle's performance, or to be viewed as edited audiovisual performances online. Limbo aims to foster a space for sharing the tools historically used by members of the LGBTIQ community—centred around empathy, vulnerability, and the importance of community, and which have become especially important for society in today’s context. The project also aims to collaborate in achieving visibility for creatives who work outside the norm.

Limbo included the participation of Elizabeth Duval, Narcoléptica, Alessandra García, Ángelo Néstore, Antonio L. Pedraza, and Verónica More and Romero Martín. Álvaro Prados also contributed a special piece. Braulio Ortíz-Poole moderated this gathering. 

Limbo was developed in collaboration with the City of Seville's Institute for Culture and the Arts (ICAS).


Fotografías de Miguel Jiménez