Las dependientas
The Sales Assistants

First shown at La Fundición in Seville, Las dependientas  is the story of four women who could be all women, who could be all people. The sales assistant are tired, but are doing fine; they’re exhausted, but they’re doing fine; they’re on the verge of fainting, but they’re doing fine. They’ve always got to keep going, they can’t stop working, they can’t stop smiling, they can’t stop trying to be the best at everything. The sales assistants can always do more.

Las dependientas delves into the anxious disquiet felt by people living in the society of fatigue, a society suffering from its own excess of positivity and that is always demanding more of itself; that cannot see its own limits; a society that is simply vicious.

Winner of Best Production at the 2nd edition of the CINTA awards and Best Production, Best Authorship, and Best Scenic Design at the 2018 Premios Escenario awards.

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Photos by Miguel Jiménez